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Kerry Clayton
Kerry Clayton

Welcome to the Malvern Central School website. Our school is proud to share the exciting learning and experiences our students enjoy, with our immediate community as well as those who seek to know more about our highly respected and sought-after school.


Malvern Central School is a proud state government school which dates back to its inaugural year of 1875. A long and esteemed history is notable and its reputation for providing quality education has been well established. The school is particularly proud of its progressive approach to educating students for the 21st century.

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Principal's Blog - 19th March



Student Leadership at MCS

A key component of student leadership building is to provide students with experiences where they can learn about leadership. This supports studetnt leaders to lead with deeper leadership understanding and knowledge.


VicSRC Conference    

Today, MCS hosted a most wonderful event – the inaugural VicSRC Primary School Conference.100 students along with 20 teachers from 14 schools from across the State and Catholic systems came to MCS to explore student leadership.


Second Strike – David Mould supports our students to develop our new JSC leaders

Last week our Junior School Council spent a day with David Mould from Second Strike, a student leadership development organisation that provides workshops for student leaders to build their communication, teamwork and speaking and listening skills.


GRIP Leadership Program

Our Year 4 Junior School Councillors joined teacher Lisa Durham at the GRIP Leadership Conference last Thursday.


School Self- Evaluation – 2015, Year of Review for MCS

An invitation for Parents/Carers to Provide Feedback.

2015 marks the end of Malvern Central School’s Strategic Plan 2012 – 2015.


Classroom Helper Training

Malvern Central School is committed to effective home-school partnerships. An important component of this partnership is the involvement of trained Classroom Helpers in the learning spaces.


MCS Fair….so far.       

Beavering behind the scenes is a group of parents already building momentum as the 25th of October draws closer by the day. Fair convenor Anna Wilson, has compiled a list of the Fair stalls and attractions and the names of those who have offered to take a lead in ensuring the success of each stall.

The next Fair meeting will be held on Monday, 23 March on the Spring Rd site in the Middle Years Wing following drop - off. All interested parents/carers are warmly invited.



We are very excited to announce we will be offering Chess for lunchtime activities for students in Years 3 to 6 every Tuesday in Term 2.


Save the Date!

This year MCS is producing a whole school production. Monday and Tuesday 7 & 8 September.


End of Term 1

Please remember that school concludes at 2.30pm on Friday 27th March and Term 2 begins on Tuesday 14 April due to the first day of Term 2 being a curriculum day and therefore student – free.


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