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Kerry Clayton
Kerry Clayton

Welcome to the Malvern Central School website. Our school is proud to share the exciting learning and experiences our students enjoy, with our immediate community as well as those who seek to know more about our highly respected and sought-after school.


Malvern Central School is a proud state government school which dates back to its inaugural year of 1875. A long and esteemed history is notable and its reputation for providing quality education has been well established. The school is particularly proud of its progressive approach to educating students for the 21st century.

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 Principal's Blog - 12th November

Bike Education

Bike education began last week with the students having their bikes inspected for road worthiness.


Foundation Leads the Assembly

Yesterday, the Foundation students entertained, made the audience laugh and simply showed parents, family members, teachers and students just how far they have come in their learning journey during their first year of school.


Footsteps program

This morning I was privileged to join year 1D in their Footsteps class. This is a series of sessions which complements and enriches the Kimochi Program that we provide at MCS in Foundation – Year 2.


Year 2 sleepover

Last Friday night the Year 2 students and their teachers Anne Spengler, Alan Gallagher and Sally Haddow along with some very supportive parents, slept over at the school on the Spring Rd campus as the first part of our school’s camping program.


First 2015 Foundation transition day today!

Today we enjoyed the company of our new Foundation students who are joining MCS in 2016.


Feedback invitation on our draft Strategic Plan 2016 – 2019

Last week an invitation was offered to our school community to provide strengthening feedback on the school’s plan for the next 4 years. If you would like to provide feedback, please find the link through the ‘Latest News’ on our website.


Twilight Cricket

The Parents’ Club is hosting a backyard cricket event on the Spring Rd oval tomorrow after school commencing at 3.45pm and finishing at 7pm.


Student End Year Reports/ Notification of your child’s 2016 teacher

End of year achievement reports which will be distributed to all students on Thursday 17th December and during the afternoon students will move to their 2016 learning space.


2016 Enrolments/Home Groups

If your child is not returning in 2016, apart from Year 6 studens, please inform the office as soon as possible as teachers are beginning to formulate the home groups for 2016.


Strengths-Based Parenting Workshop

This coming Monday 16th November, 6pm in the Spring Rd performing arts room, the School Council Community Partnerships Committee will be hosting a workshop focussing on strengths-based parenting.


Victorian Curriculum

The new Victorian Curriculum will come into full effect in 2017. Schools will be required to have begun to implement or prepare to implement the Victorian Curriculum by 2017.


Parking outside of the school campuses

Just a reminder to parents and adults dropping off and picking up children from each campus, that the parking signs are to please be adhered to, for the safety of all who use the roads, footpaths and crossings


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