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Principal's Blog - 24th June 2014


Welcome back for to all of our Malvern central School families for Term 3.


Curriculum Day

A variety of PL for our staff – New Performance and Development model and Writer’s Workshop which is a strategy that has been in place at MCS over the last 4 or so years.


New Pedagogies for Deep Learning.

Another workshop the teachers provided for the teachers on the curriculum day was centred around a new project that MCS is involved in, called New Pedagogies for Deep learning, we are one of 1000 schools globally to be participating in this 3 year project, and one of only 72 in Victoria.


New Screen and sound system for the gym – 2013 Fair funds!

It seems like it has been a long time coming, but a large part of the expenditure of our 2013 Fair profit was to purchase a new sound system and large screen for our gym to support the many assemblies, presentations and even day to day learning programs.


Spring Rd Portables Update

Over the term break, 4 2 Mod portables were removed from our Spring Rd campus. This was actioned by the Department of Education as they seek to remove all 2 Mod buildings from state government schools progressively over the next 3 – 5 years.



The walkathon mentioned in the last whole school assembly of Term 2 has been postponed, changing from 31 July to the new date of Monday 1 September.


Parent Opinion Survey

Some families will be selected randomly to participate in the 2014 parent Opinion Survey. Each year all state government schools conduct an opinion survey of 15% of the school community.


Footy Colours Day – gold coin donation to support the research efforts of the ‘Fight Cancer Foundation'.

Wednesday was a fabulous day for our students and staff, plus our parent helpers. We were visited by some key Hawthorn football players. Jordan Lewis, Sam Grimley, Jarryd Roughead and Josh Gibson gave generously of their time to run some football clinics with the foundation to year 2 students followed by a Q&A session with the 3 – 8 students.


What Our Foundation Students Are Up To

I was extremely impressed by what I saw happening in our Foundation spaces last week and want to share how able and organised our young students are with the MCS. With barely 2 terms under their belt, the capacity of our 5 year olds really does astound me.


Year 1 & 2 at Coopers Creek

Last Thursday and Friday our Year 1 & 2 students enjoyed a wonderful excursion out to Coopers Creek in Bundoora as part of their inquiry unit of work related to food and the way it is grown, harvested, treated and transported to shops and markets for us to enjoy.


Tree Planting Day – JSC Friday 18 July

Teacher Lisa Durham and our Junior School Councillors attended a local tree planting activity conducted by the City of Stonnington Parks and Gardens last Friday. Though a cold and very chilly day, the students warmed up as they worked with students from a range of local schools to beautify the Urban Forest, Bruce Street, East Malvern.


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